Friday, June 20, 2014

Things I Never Knew I Desperately Needed

Every now and then I stumble across things on Ye Olde Internette that tells me that people are making some amazing things out there.  I love it when I see the perfectly absurd next to the perfect quintessence of craft.
Here are some things that made me smile.  And want.

1. Coloring Books That Aren't Just for Children
(Best Coloring Book)
Sometimes, I don't want to be an adult.  But usually at those times it's still possible for me to enjoy the finer - and sillier - things in life.

2. A secret passage into/from my library.
Because sometimes you just want to be alone, you know?  Because sometimes my books are my favorite people in the world.
"What's that?  It's time to go to work?  Hmm, I appear to be stuck in my super secret cubby hole.  I guess I'm not going in today."
If you don't think this is great, you are wrong.  Sorry.

3. Poetry I Can Understand
Poetry and I have never really gotten along.  I think it's because my soul is dead and I have a reptilian heart.  Or something like that.  However, I think I can get behind these.

4. Ridiculous leather journals
For your ridiculous viewing pleasure, here are:

The Most Gigantic Leather Journal Ever.

Lotsa pages, man.  Lotsa 'em.
A Crazy-Thick Leather Journal
I feel like, if I started writing in either of these, I would start growing a glorious flowing beard, and feel inclined to wear robes.  Next, I would learn the secret language of the animals and be able to summon unicorns.
Such is the magic of a fine leather journal, which is why, if you can afford one, I highly recommend picking one up - but probably one that's significantly less than $1500.

For context. Look at that thing!
5. Fandom-based stuff
I am not ashamed of liking the things I like.  As I approached 30 a few years ago, most of my hang-ups sort of evaporated.  I have a unicorn messenger bag.  Yes.  I used it every day...until the corners of my notebooks/books started punching holes through the fabric.  If I like a TV show or series of books, I have no problem advertising my love through apparel or accessories.  
This is sort of my "Postage Stamp Theory of Life."  Yes, you can get a whole boring roll of plain ol' American flag Forever Stamps.  But they cost the same per stamp as the Pixar ones.  Take the extra 15 minutes to stop into the post office and buy the Vintage Circus Stamps.  It'll make paying bills a little more fun.
To that end, why not have a Game of Thrones-inspired dragon egg cookie jar?  And wouldn't you meals be every so slightly more fun when you salt and/or pepper with the TARDIS or a dalek?

6. This horse...for reasons
I have no explanation.  I just know that my Halloween costume ideas just became far more ambitious...
Some days it's hard for me to convince my cowlick to not stand straight up.  And this horse has this for a haircut.
Anyone discover anything totally awesome that's share-worthy?


  1. Soo....these are basically AWESOME. Especially that horse. I want it. Can I have it?

    I wish I had more fandom based accessories, but they either seem to break or are too expensive for me. Ahh for the days when I'm not broke. I'll probably die first, but I can always dream!

    1. Quality is always a bit of a concern, but when ThinkGeek has a decent sale, I'm a bit more willing to gamble. But yeah. I love the internet and all the weird and wonderful things on it.