Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Books I Read in 2013

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By and large, 2013 was a lukewarm year for books by my count.  That's not to say that there weren't a few home runs throughout the year.  Here are most of the ones I could think of, in no particular order.

1&2. Throne of Glass/Crown of Midnight
These books made a splash with the blogosphere and it's easy to see why.  Adventure, romance, well-developed lead characters and driving political issues.  Can't wait for the sequels.

 3&4. Shadow and Bone/Siege and Storm
This series has pretty much split the reviewers, it seems.  A lot of people love them (like me), but it seems like an equal number of people scorn them with a vitriol I reserve for Twilight and the Inheritance Saga.  I have to love them because they made me feel with my cold, reptilian heart, and that doesn't happen often.

5. Fortune's Pawn
Haven't written a review for this yet, but the main character, with her kick-ass abilities and zero bullsh*t tolerance, won me from the first five pages.  There is even a romance in the middle of this space opera that I actually *gasp* cared about.  Sequels comes out in February and April 2014 and I will be pre-ordering both.

6. Hyperbole and a Half
Allie Brosh's blog is a wonderland of absurd childhood memories and hilarious social interactions. The book is a mix of new stuff and old classics which never fail to make me laugh.  The two chapters on depression might be the best and most brutally honest - and hilarious - depiction of mental health issues I've ever read.

7. Redshirts
Did not see this one coming.  A delightfully funny spoof of Star Trek that should make almost any reader laugh.  Also, sci-fi hijinks and chapters reminiscent of Star Trek IV: The One With the Whales. 

8. Shades of Earth
This whole series surprised me with how good it was.  I was honestly expecting to feel "meh" about it, but just opening the covers made me spend my entire evening tearing through the book.  The series ending felt true to the spirit of the narrative.  Worth a read - and possibly a re-read.

9. Bioshock: Rapture
Yes.  A book based on a video game.  Fascinating story of how a utopia (an Ayn Rand-esque utopia) can quickly devolved into political turmoil.  You don't need to have played the games to appreciate this story.

10. Bossypants
Ah, Tina Fey.  A fresh look at feminism among myriad other topics.  You will laugh, I promise.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I know I've spoken over and over about how much I love the ToG series, so I'm just going to limit it to yay! And I can't wait to get my hands on the Hyperbole and a Half book! My bff ordered it as soon as it came out, so I should be able to borrow it :)